Vedic Astrology Transits: Old Posts

Oct 2020: Moving forward against great resistance

We are starting to move forward in a new direction. Rahu-Ketu are in Taurus-Scorpio. Saturn is direct in Capricorn. Jupiter is direct in Sagittarius. People will become more introspective and start thinking rationally. Mars is moving back into Pisces on Oct 4, to give more energy to the freedom movements. Mercury is in Libra, a happy place, but is turning retrograde on Oct 13. It will turn direct on Nov 3, the US election day. Information warfare will be at it’s highest levels during this period. Sun will be charging up Mercury Oct 17 – Nov 15, with exact conjunction on Oct 25. Political/social drama will be at it’s peak!

Sep 2020:

Mercury in Virgo Sep 2-21 stimulates release of new medicines for Covid. Venus is the only planet that is under stress this month, transiting through Cancer. Manage your emotions and be patient with relationships. Rest of the planets are in their happy places, amplifying energies of hope. Mars in Aries turns retrograde on Sep 9. Jupiter in Sagittarius turns direct on Sep 12.

Ketu/Rahu transit into Scorpio/Taurus on Sep 19, starting a new 18 month phase of stability and prosperity. Jupiter contributes very bright energies Sep 19 – Nov 19 during the last part of its transit in Sagittarius. Saturn in Capricorn turns direct on Sep 29, preparing for a big shakeup of global geo-political foundation.

Aug 2020:

Mars into Aries and Sun into Leo on Aug 16. From mid-Aug through mid-Sep, Mars, Sun and Jupiter are in their own fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), creating a GRAND FIRE TRIANGLE. Positive effect: There will be indications of promising therapeutic solutions for viruses and other diseases. The entities suppressing helpful information and spreading panic will be exposed. Negative effect: Escalation of war activity between certain nations.

Venus in Gemini will stimulate people to express their true feelings and act upon them, instead of staying in suppressed mode. Mercury will be zooming through Cancer and Leo covering two signs in just one month. There is exact Sun-Mercury conjunction on Aug 17 and new moon in Magha nakshatra on Aug 18. Mercury being in direct motion (i.e behind Sun from perspective of Earth), stimulates bright, positive, self-empowering thought patterns. Uranus in Aries goes retrograde on Aug 15, triggering energies of creation and invention (esp helpful to medicine researchers). Overall it feels like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel after mid-August.

WEATHER CAUTION: Powerful planets passing through Water-Fire sign junction (called gandhAnta) during August and September will cause extreme weather events, including tropical storms, hurricanes and flooding all over the world.

July 2020: Jupiter is still in retrograde motion, but back in its own sign Sagittarius, amplified by Ketu. The positive effect is JUSTICE. The negative effect is FANATICISM. Mercury, which has been in retrograde motion since June 18, will go direct on July 12 and stays in Gemini until July 31. Hopefully we can get some clear information about various events during the later part of this month. Venus is in Taurus in direct motion until July 31, contributing stabilizing energies. Sun moves into Cancer on July 16 and becomes more powerful (it has been subdued in Taurus and Gemini). On July 5 we have guru-poornima (full moon in Sagittarius at 19 degrees) with lunar eclipse.

June 2020: Mars-Neptune conjuction on June 13. This exposes deception. Mars into Pisces on June 18 (see below). Mercury in Gemini retrograde on June 18. Solar eclipse on June 21 in Gemini, Mrigasira nakshatra: This triggers “truth seeking” energies, especially related to the pandemic and riots. Gemini being the seventh house in USA chart, indicates big changes in relationships with other countries. Venus in Taurus direct on June 25. On June 29, Jupiter moves back into Sagittarius and conjuncts with Pluto. This triggers a new phase of justice that will continue until Nov 20.

May 2020: On May 1, Mercury is conjunct Uranus in bharani nakshatra. This stimulates innovation. On May 4 Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. This reduces the energy of harsh governmental regulations. Social life starts coming back. Economy will start rebuilding slowly and steadily. Very pleasant Mercury-Venus conjunction in Taurus May 9-24 will give lot of hope and help with the global recovery. Saturn in Capricorn retrograde on May 11, Venus in Taurus retrograde on May 13. Jupiter in Capricorn retrograde on May 15. Note that Pluto is already in retrograde. Time for reflection and re-evaluation during the second part of May. During May 14-31, Mars will be in SatAbhisha nakshtra, activating healing energies.

Apr 2020: Saturn-Jupiter-Mars conjunction in Capricorn. Mars is stimulating harsh governmental regulations and protests for freedom. Venus in Taurus provides balancing energies to the global chaos. Note that Rahu in Ardra nakshatra (ruled by rudra) is one of the causes for global chaos, along with Ketu in moola nakshatra (ruled by kALi). Mercury, the lord of Gemini (where Rahu is located), has been very energized in air sign Aquarius most of Feb & Mar. On Apr 7 Mercury is moving into Pisces and staying calm for three weeks, reducing the intensity of Rahu. On Apr 13, Sun is moving into Aries amplifying fire energies. From Apr 25 to May 8, Mercury will be in Aries further weakened by Sun. You will see the power of virus reducing drastically after mid-April. On Apr 22, Rahu moves from Ardra nakshatra into mrgaSira nakshatra. This closes the window of global chaos.

Jan-Mar 2020: Every 18.5 years, there is a 10 week GLOBAL CHAOS WINDOW when Rahu is in Ardra nakshatra (ruled by Rudra) and Ketu is in moola nakshatra (ruled by Kali). This time it is from Feb 12, 2020 to Apr 22, 2020. If Jupiter or Mars transit through one of these nakshatras during this window, they provide energy for manifestation of global chaos. During this year we have conditions ripe for the worst global chaos. Jupiter is in Sagittarius until Mar 29. Mars is in Sagittarius Feb 7 – Mar 22. So the chaos energy is maximum during Feb 12 – Mar 22. After that the manifestation energy starts to fade away.