Covid Phases

Here are the seven covid phases based the Vedic Astrology transits. Published on Aug 15, 2020.

  1. Quiet Release (Sep 28, 2019 – Dec 26, 2019): Started when Rahu entered Ardra nakshatra.
  2. Exposure (Dec 26, 2019 – Feb 11, 2020): Started when solar eclipse occurred in Sagittarius that involved eight planets (including Pluto).
  3. Peak Effect (Feb 11 – Apr 22, 2020): Started when Ketu entered Moola nakshatra.
  4. Slow Decline (Apr 22 – Jun 18, 2020): Started when Rahu left Ardra nakshatra and entered Mrigasira nakshatra.
  5. Panic Propaganda (Jun 18 – Aug 16, 2020): Started when Mercury turned retrograde in Gemini, followed by solar eclipse in Gemini. Media focuses on rising cases, but hides information about declining deaths, higher recovery rates and therapeutic possibilities. Media wants people to believe that vaccines are the only solution and those may not be available until next year.
  6. Hope (Aug 16 – Sep 19, 2020): Starts when Golden Fire triangle gets activated by the entry of Sun into Leo and Mars into Aries while Jupiter is already in Sagittarius. This combination is active until mid-Sep. The truth comes out and the media cannot hide it. Mercury is in Virgo Sep 2-22, activating healing energies. Jupiter goes direct on Sep 12. A variety of therapeutic solutions will be available to public.
  7. Relief (Sep 19 – Dec 14, 2020): Starts when Rahu leaves Gemini and enters Taurus, and Ketu leaves Sagittarius and enters Scorpio. Jupiter is alone in Sagittarius until Nov 20. On Sep 29 Saturn turns direct and moves forward in Capricorn. Jupiter joins Saturn on Nov 20. We will see solid economic recovery and recovery from fear-pandemic. On Dec 14 there is solar eclipse in Scorpio. After this vaccines and new therapeutics will be released, ending the global pandemic drama.