Vedic Astrology Transits

Last Update: Sep 27, 2020

Individual Sign Transit Analysis for Oct ’20 – May ’21 (Sep 27, 2020)

USA Election 2020 (Sep 12, 2020)

Covid Phases (Aug 15, 2020)

These are my optimistic interpretations of the effects of transiting planets on the human collective.. For past interpretations, CLICK HERE.

Nov 2020: Roller Coaster Ride through a Dense Fog

Oct 23 to Nov 16: Venus is debilitated in Virgo aspected by Mars (retrograde until Nov 13). Sun is debilitated in Libra conjunct Mercury (retrograde until Nov 3), aspected by Mars as well as Saturn. This arrangement causes utter confusion and chaos mainly due to misinformation and suppression of truth by the news/social media. Nov 13-20: Mars is going direct in Pisces on Nov 13, Sun is moving into Scorpio on Nov 16, Venus is moving into Libra on Nov 16 and Jupiter is moving into Capricorn on Nov 20. Very unsettling time. Nov 21-26: The fog will dissolve and there will be clarity.

Transit effects on the US presidential candidates: Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have natal moon in Aries. They have a very difficult time Oct 23 – Nov 16, as their public support can dwindle due to weak and irritated 6th and 7th houses. Possibility of scandals coming out during Nov 16 – Dec 15 due to Sun-Ketu conjunction in the 8th house. Donald Trump has natal moon in Scorpio. Very stressful time for him until Nov 16, as he keeps fighting and fighting with very low energy. On the bright side he will benefit from increased public support.