Vedic Astrology Transits

Last Update:May 30, 2021

These are my optimistic interpretations of the effects of transiting planets on the human collective. For past interpretations, CLICK HERE.

June 2021: Indications of an Intense Summer

Solar Eclipse: Retrograde Mercury is going back into Taurus on June 2 to participate in the Solar Eclipse on June 10. This puts spotlight on the financial system which is on the verge of imploding. Mercury will resume direct motion on June 22. Sun will get out the clutches of Rahu on June 14 when it moves into Gemini.

Mars: Mars will be in Cancer June 2 – July 19, agitating people’s emotions related to home and security. It opposes Saturn in Capricorn, creating intense pressure on the governments. Exact opposition happens on July 1 with Uranus located at the mid-point, creating squares. We will likely see explosive events in the first week of July.

Collection of Retrograde Planets: Note that Pluto and Saturn are already in retrograde motion. Jupiter is turning retrograde on June 20, Neptune on June 26 and Uranus on Aug 20. Between Aug 20 and Oct 5, all the five outer planets will be in retrograde motion. We can expect big changes in the political and financial systems.