Vedic Astrology Transits

BIG PICTURE: Pluto, which represents generational changes, is currently shuttling around the junction of Sagittarius and Capricorn, and will be mostly in Capricorn until 2039. This represents the destruction and rebuilding of all fundamental structures including political, financial and religious institutions. Saturn in Capricorn for most of 2020, 2021 and 2022 will reinforce Pluto’s plan. Jupiter in Capricorn for part of 2020 and 2021 will accelerate Pluto’s plan. The world will be very different in 2022, hopefully prosperous and peaceful.

Apr 2020: Saturn-Jupiter-Mars conjunction in Capricorn. Mars is fueling Saturn-Jupiter’s plan. Venus in Taurus provides balancing energies to the global chaos. Note that Rahu in Ardra nakshatra (ruled by rudra) is one of the causes for global chaos, along with Ketu in moola nakshatra (ruled by kALi). Mercury, the lord of Gemini (where Rahu is located), has been very energized in air sign Aquarius most of Feb & Mar. On Apr 7 Mercury is moving into Pisces and staying calm for three weeks, reducing the intensity of Rahu. On Apr 13, Sun is moving into Aries amplifying fire energies. From Apr 25 to May 8, Mercury will be in Aries further weakened by Sun. You will see the power of virus reducing drastically after mid-April. On Apr 22, Rahu moves from Ardra nakshatra into mrgaSira nakshatra. This closes the window of global chaos. Stock market bounce back very likely end of April.

May 2020: Economy will start rebuilding at a fast pace. Very pleasant Mercury-Venus conjunction in Taurus May 9-24 will give lot of hope and help with the global recovery. Saturn in Capricorn retrograde on May 11, Venus in Taurus retrograde on May 13. Jupiter in Capricorn retrograde on May 15. Time for reflection and re-evaluation during the second part of May. Mars in Aquarius, fueling innovation.

June 2020: Mars into Pisces on June 13. Mercury in Gemini retrograde on June 18. Solar eclipse on June 21. Venus in Taurus direct on June 25. Jupiter back in Sagittarius on June 30.

July 2020: Mercury direct on July 12. Venus into Gemini on July 30.

Aug 2020: Mars into Aries on Aug 16. From mid-Aug through mid-Sep, Mars, Sun and Jupiter being in their own fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), amplified fire energies are available. These can be used by everyone for getting lot of things done quickly.

Sep 2020: Mercury in Virgo Sep 2-21 stimulates creation of new medicines for common diseases. Mars in Aries retrograde on Sep 9. Jupiter in Sagittarius direct on Sep 13, Ketu/Rahu transit into Scorpio/Taurus on Sep 20. Saturn in Capricorn direct on Sep 29.

Oct 2020: Mercury in Libra retrograde on Oct 13.

Nov 2020: Mercury in Libra direct on Nov 3 (day of US election). Mars in Pisces direct on Nov 13. Venus into Libra on Nov 16. Jupiter into Capricorn on Nov 20.

Dec 2020: Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on Dec 20. Mars into Aries on Dec 24.