Vedic Astrology Transits

Last Update: Apr 28, 2021

These are my optimistic interpretations of the effects of transiting planets on the human collective. For past interpretations, CLICK HERE.

May 2021: Intense Month related to Information

The month starts with Mercury entering Taurus on May 1 and Venus entering Taurus on May 4. This conjunction in Taurus will provide some balance to the chaos caused by the other planets. Mars will be in Gemini this entire month agitating issues with information and media. The new moon on May 11 occurs in Aries (Krittika nakshatra ruled by Sun) starting a sharp fiery four-week cycle. Jupiter in Aquarius will start slowing down to station around 8 degrees before turning retrograde on June 20. The station degree is very close to the natal moon position in USA birth chart where moon is in the third house (communication/media). Hopefully some hidden truths will come out during this month.

Saturn will turn retrograde on May 23. This will likely agitate financial and political systems all around the world. Mercury moves into Gemini on May 25, but turns retrograde on May 29. It will come back into Taurus on June 2. After Venus moves out of Taurus on May 28, the stability factor is gone. On May 26 there is Total Lunar Eclipse occurring in Scorpio, the sign related to hidden secrets.